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Bhutto (2010)

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Produced and shot by Amy Berg, BHUTTO examines the life and legacy of political icon Benazir Bhutto. Daughter of former President and populist hero Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir served two terms as Pakistan’s Prime Minister.  She was the first woman to lead a Muslim nation. Bhutto graduated from Harvard and Oxford and maintained strong diplomatic and ideological connections with the West. She was ousted and exiled by political opponents, and was assassinated in 2007.

BHUTTO takes an in-depth look at Pakistan’s history, where assassinations and military coups have played a prominent role.  The film analyzes Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, and her enduring influence on politics in Pakistan and abroad.

Interviewees include Asif Ali Zardari (President of Pakistan and husband of Bhutto), Noam Chomsky, Kathleen Kennedy, Steve Coll, and Peter Galbraith.

BHUTTO premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.